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Nov 23, 2017

The electronically controlled fuel injection system has the following advantages over the carburetor supply mixing approach:

400cc utv

1. using electronic control technology to reduce exhaust pollution, reduce the fuel consumption of the engine, can meet the more stringent emission regulations;

2. electronic control unit (ECU) changes in reaction to the solar term door quickly, so that the engine operating performance and accelerating performance improvement, and can maintain good dynamic performance; allow the engine to use a higher compression ratio, improving the thermal efficiency of the engine, can reduce engine knock tendency;

The adaptability of 3. EFI system is strong. For different types of engines, only the pulse spectrum of ECU chip can be changed, and the same kind of oil pump, nozzle, ECU and so on can be used in many different specifications of products, which is easy to form a series of products;

4. engine performance adjustment is convenient.

At present, the family has banned the sale of carburetor cars, carburetor motorcycles continue to use.

Two differences between carburetor throttle response, poor fuel supply control, high fuel consumption, poor fuel atomization effect, cold start bad, complex structure, heavy weight, automobile carburetor engine has already stopped production.

The electronic fuel injector has the advantages of accurate fuel supply control, quick response, good fuel atomization effect, complex structure, small size, light weight, low fuel consumption rate, and good cold starting effect. It can be divided into two types: central injection and multi-point injection.