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Gasoline Engine Utv for Sale
Nov 06, 2017


Fang Power Inc (Shandong shengwo new energy vehicle Co., LTD) is a group company ,integrating designing, producing and selling a series of products which include ATV (all terrain vehicles), UTV (utility vehicles), kids utv ,farm utv, quad,dune buggy and spareparts. Depend on our strong R&D team, many utv 

models like UTV150cc/200cc/250cc/400cc/ELETRIC UTV ...are available .......with strong climbing ability they can used on beach, forest, mountain, snow, rivers, marshes and deserts, grasslands, and other complex sites.


UTV normally including engine , chassis , Body , electric equipments , pls check more details 


Engine: ( the 2 main outfits and 5 systems), crank connecting outfits, exhaust outfits; fuel feeding system, cooling system, lubricating system, ignition system, starting system.


Chassis: to support, set auto engine and other spare parts and assembly, form the whole auto. It transmits the power generated from the engine to start auto movement; ensures the auto run in balance. It consists of transmission system, drive system, steering system and braking system


Body: it is fixed upon the auto chassis, and used for seating the driver and passengers or loading cargoes. It is usually a whole of car body and passenger auto body. Wangon auto body consists two parts: cab and gate.


Electrical equipment: electrical equipment consists supplier and consumers. Power supplier indicates battery and dynamotor; power consumer includes the starting system of the engine, gasoline engine, and ignition system and some other power consuming equipment.