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Dec 01, 2017

150CC/200CC/250CC Side by side utv with gy6 engine , crankshaft have very important perforamance on utv working : 

side by side utv

The piston moves upward and downward in the cylinder, and the  250cc UTV crankshaft connecting rod changes the piston's upward and downward reciprocating motion to the rotary movement of the  crankshaft, and the crankshaft transits power to the speed changing mechanism to drive the rear wheel to rotate. The crankshaft connecting rod's total achievement is installed in the crankcase. In the 150cc utv GY6 crankcase, the crankshaft's left side is equipped with a timing chain, and the right side of the crankshaft is equipped with an organic oil pump assembly and a magneto motor assembly. The energy sources of the timing chain, the utv engine oil pump assembly and the magnetic motor assembly are all from the rotational motion of the crankshaft. There are small gears on the left and right sides of the crankshaft, which are the power transmission to the above parts by these small gears (the magneto flywheel is driven by the half garden key connected to the crankshaft). As a result, the lubricating oil is pressed to the surface and cylinder head of each part by the work of the oil pump. The flywheel (rotor) of the magneto assembly is rotated to cut the magnetic field line to generate electricity, and the timing chain drives the valve to open and close. The whole internal combustion engine system works.

utv 400

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