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SUV training
May 31, 2016

After the three rounds of design revisions and 7 consecutive years of technological research, "warrior" stereotypes. In the extreme cold of Tahe, Heilongjiang province, Dunhuang in hot desert, moist in Yuanjiang, Yunnan Jinghong, and areas, as well as the high-altitude Qinghai-Tibet plateau ... ... 350,000 kilometres of road tests to verify the "warrior" quality, hit a new record of a number of Chinese-made cars. "Warriors" can lingxia41℃ start; wading depth of up to 80 cm; with the dual batteries, dual fuel tanks, generators, the longest distance traveled more than 500 kilometers. Vehicle defense 4 kilograms of TNT equivalent explosive explosion, body defence 5.56 mm caliber rifle bullet shot in the 50-meter-wide, roof has capacity for 155 mm shrapnel blasting through prevention, safety comparable to President's car.