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Nov 22, 2017


The so-called electronically controlled fuel injection, is to measure the amount of air inhaled engine, and then the right amount of gasoline by high-pressure injection of the engine. The computer control process that controls the mixing ratio between air and gasoline is called electronically controlled fuel injection. This kind of fuel supply has the principle difference with the traditional carburetor, the carburetor is to rely on the air flow through the carburetor waiting tube when the negative pressure, the float room gasoline sucked into the throat, and with the air flow fog into combustible mixture.


First, the control content and function of electronic fuel injection system (FE1):

1,UTV with injection volume control ECU, the engine speed and load signals as the main control signal, determine the basic fuel injection (fuel injection solenoid valve opening time), and according to other relevant input signals to be amended, and finally determine the total fuel injection.

2, injection timing control ECU according to the crankshaft phase sensor signal and the two cylinder firing sequence, the injection time is controlled at the best moment.

3, deceleration oil breaking and speed limiting oil control when the motorcycle is running, when the driver quickly releases the throttle, ECU will cut off the fuel injection control circuit, stop injection, in order to reduce the exhaust emissions and fuel consumption when slowing down. When the engine is accelerating, the engine speed exceeds the safe speed, ECU will cut off the fuel injection control circuit at the critical speed, stop the fuel injection, to prevent the engine from speeding and damage the engine.

4, fuel pump control, when the ignition switch is opened, ECU will control the gasoline pump for 2-3 seconds, in order to establish the necessary oil pressure. At this point, if the engine does not start, ECU will cut off the gasoline pump control circuit, the gasoline pump stops working. During the starting and running of the engine, the ECU controls the gasoline pump to maintain its normal operation. The advantage of electronic control fuel system (EF1) is that the CL244FM1-C electronically controlled fuel injection system adopts a more common multi-point and inlet injection mode. The typical characteristics of this method are that the original engine is changed smaller, the manufacturing cost is lower, and the work efficiency is improved greatly compared with the conventional carburetor engine.