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Preheating All Terrain Vehicles
Dec 01, 2017



Advantage of preheating of Utv ,

UTV preheating can reduce fuel consumption, the relatively best carburetor adjustment is idle in a hot car, the utv engine speed is lowest and does not stall, is anxious and the accelerator, the utv engine speed can be rapidly and smoothly corresponding action, but in cold start, are due to low speed and strong driving has stalled, free gas performance poor "or" oil shortage "phenomenon, but the idle must be adjusted to the standard.

If the fuel is saved or not, it is closely related to the atomization of the fuel. The better the atomization is, the better the combustion is, the smaller the fuel consumption. After preheating, the combustor temperature is higher, and the combustible mixture entering the combustor is further atomized by its volatiles, so that the fuel can play a higher efficiency. In an engine that is not preheated, there is almost no "further atomization" effect.

Therefore, the mixture ratio of the carburetor can be adjusted greatly without the need of preheating. When the engine is hot, the mixture becomes too strong and the fuel consumption is large.

The carburetor to adjust to the best state, the mixed gas cooled car is balanced, side by side utv was not immediately run normally, gas showed poor performance, when the car after preheating, the combustion chamber temperature rise, gasoline volatility increased, enhance the atomization effect, this car is for normal reproduction. In this way, the car, which does not need to be preheated to drive, is on the basis of low oil consumption, so it will save some oil.

This state can also remind the driver to preheat the all terrain vehicle, not only to burn the patience, but also to maintain the safety of the vehicle.

The correct method of preheating atv 

utv heating, should be carried out with a small throttle idle or low speed, preheating and throttle damper can cooperate to maintain flame preheating and preheating time should not be too long, when the utv engine temperature after you can also hold the door (to prevent off) at low speed slowly running, on the way as the engine running stability gradually regain normal driving full throttle. No big throttle can be bombardment when preheating, which will increase the wear of the engine and even cause serious failure.

Usually the summer oil viscosity decreases, heating time is 2~3 minutes, the oil viscosity increases in winter preheating on for a long time, for 3~5 minutes.

After completing the action of the warm-up car, it runs about 1 kilometers at a speed of no more than 40km, so that the purpose of the engine is to make the engine reach the working temperature, so that the car can keep the best state at any time.

So the motorcycle is a must for the preheating process, regardless of your car idling is very stable, not to idle stability to decide whether to complete the car.

The utv engine speed should be controlled between 1500-2000 turns when the china utv is preheated. In particular, more than 10 thousand kilometers of old cars, because the old car engine engine oil pump wear. The idle preheating oil will not be transported to the lubricating parts.

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